Sermons du Vendredi

Sermons du Vendredi. Par Alban Fejza ou Rashad Khalifa.

Chaque semaine, un sermon précède la Prière du Midi, lors de la Prière du Vendredi.

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Les Sermons de cette page sont disponibles en anglais, certains ont des transcriptions écrites. Nous avons pour projet de les traduire en français.

Vous pouvez également activer les sous-titres français des vidéos YouTube en suivant ce tutoriel.

Liste des Sermons du Vendredi

Sermons issus des annexes (appendices) de la traduction du Coran du Dr Rashad Khalifa (partie 1)

1. One of the Great Miracles [74:35]
1. L’Un des Grands Miracles [74:35] (PDF)

2. God’s Messenger of the Covenant [3:81]
2. Le Messager de Dieu de l’Alliance [3:81] (PDF)

3. We Made the Quran Easy [54:17]
3. Nous Avons Rendu le Coran Facile [54:17] (PDF)

4. Why Was the Quran Revealed in Arabic?
4. Pourquoi le Coran a-t-il été Révélé en Arabe ? (PDF)

5. Heaven and Hell
5. Le Paradis et l’Enfer

6. Greatness of God
6. La Grandeur de Dieu

7. Why Were We Created?
7. Pourquoi Avons-Nous été Créés ?

8. The Myth of Intercession
8. Le Mythe de l’Intercession

9. Abraham: Original Messenger of Islam
9. Abraham : Messager Originel de l’Islam

10. God’s Usage of the Plural Tense
10. L’Utilisation de Dieu de la Forme Plurielle

11. The Day of Resurrection
11. Le Jour de la Résurrection

12. Role of the Prophet Muhammad
12. Le Rôle du Prophète Mohammed

13. The First Pillar of Islam
13. Le Premier Pilier de l’Islam

14. Predestination
14. La Prédestination

15. Religious Duties: Gift from God
15. Les Obligations Religieuses : Un Présent de Dieu (PDF)

16. Dietary Prohibitions
16. Les Interdictions Alimentaires 

17. Death
17. La Mort

18. Quran is All You Need
18. Le Coran est Tout ce Dont Vous Avez Besoin

19. Hadith and Sunna: Satanic Innovations
19. Hadith & Souna : Des Innovations Sataniques 

Sermons issus des annexes (appendices) de la traduction du Coran du Dr Rashad Khalifa (partie 2)

20. Quran: Unlike Any Other Book
20. Le Coran : Ne Ressemble à Aucun Autre Livre 

21. Satan: Fallen Angel
21. Satan : Ange Déchu 

22. Jesus
22. Jésus 

23. Chronological Order of Revelation
23. Ordre Chronologique de la Révélation (PDF)

24. Two False Verses Removed from the Quran
24. Deux Faux Versets Retirés du Coran (PDF)

25. End of the World
25. La Fin du Monde

26. The Three Messengers of Islam
26. Les Trois Messagers de l’Islam (PDF)

27. Who Is Your God?
27. Qui est Votre Dieu ?

28. Muhammad Wrote God’s Revelations With His Own Hand
28. Mohammed Écrivait les Révélations de Dieu de sa Propre Main

29. The Missing Basmalah
29. La Basmalah Manquante (PDF)

30. Polygamy
30. La Polygamie 

31. Evolution: A Divinely Guided Process
31. L’Évolution : Un Processus Divinement Contrôlé 

32. The Crucial Age of 40
32. L’Age Crucial de 40 ans 

33. Why Did God Send a Messenger Now?
33. Pourquoi Dieu a-t-Il Envoyé Un Messager Maintenant ? (PDF)

34. Virginity/Chastity: A Trait of the True Believers
34. Virginité/Chasteté : Un Trait de Caractère des Vrais Croyants

35. Drugs & Alcohol
35. Drogues et Alcool 

36. What Price A Great Nation
36. Quel Prix pour une Grande Nation ? 

37. Criminal Justice in Islam
37. La Justice Criminelle en Islam

Sermons du Vendredi par Rashad Khalifa

38. God is Doing Everything

39. Our Priorities

40. How Fortunate Are We

41. The Intelligent Creatures

42. A Review of the Mathematical Miracle

43. Who is Your God (part 2)?

44. Who Are We?

45. God’s Kingdom vs. Satan’s Kingdom

46. Why Are We Here?

47. Nullifying Excuses

48. The Secret of Happiness

49. The Classification of Creatures

50. Disbelievers Being Bothered When God Alone is Mentioned

51. The Mathematical Miracle and the Religious Duties

52. The Mathematical Miracle/The Day of Judgment

53. The Mathematical Miracle

54. Our Test

55. Multiples of 19/Reminder for Funeral Prayer

56. God’s Messenger of the Covenant (part 2)

57. A Historical Review of Human Fates

58. Universal Unity

59. The Mathematical Composition of Quranic Initials

60. A Review of Revelation

61. Who is your god (part 3)?

62. The Mathematical Miracle of Quran

63. Why Believe in God’s Messengers?

64. Why did God send a messenger now (part 2)?

Sermons du Vendredi par Alban Fejza

65. The First Global Online Friday Sermon

66. Does Zakat Come From Wealth or From Income?

67. Was Muhammad Serving His Own Interests?

68. How Much Do I Gain Financially from Implementing a Global Zakat System?

69. Politics and the Quran

70. Ignorant Quranists Trying to Redefine Arabic

71. Gradualism as a Sign of God’s Mercy

72. People in Position of Weakness Tend to Lie, People in Position of Power Tend to Break Their Promises

73. The Importance of Early Good Deeds

74. Two Important Issues

75. Some Ways and Reasons to Worship God alone

76. 28 Points About Charity from the Quran

77. The Structure of the Quran and Conditions to Understand It

78. How to Avoid Accidents?

79. The Length of Time and True Belief

80. Loneliness, the Poverty of Our Times

81. Marriage and Easy Wealth

82. How did Sunna Prayers Most Likely Emerge

83. Understanding the Friday Prayer

84. Preaching as a Way to Avoid Being Trapped into Dilemmas

85. Who is Required to Accept God’s Messengers

86. Using Media for Friday Sermons

87. Active Submitters vs Passive Submitters

88. The 12 Online Congregations

89. Where are the ancient gods?

90. Explicit vs. Implicit Idol Worship

Sermons sur les différences entre Alban et Rashad

91. Does Alban Contradict Rashad about Proofs of Messengership?

92. Does Alban Contradict Rashad about Zakat?

93. Does Alban Contradict Rashad about Prayer Times?

94. Does Alban Contradict Rashad?

Sermons du Vendredi sur d’autres sujets

95. Twilight (Evening & Dawn)

96. The Quranical Spectrum

97. Artificial Intelligence

98. A Few Techniques for Preaching

99. The Curse and Redemption of the Arabs in Islam

100. Children of Submitters and Religious Duties

101. Polygamy or Monogamy in the Quran

102. Saying Inshallah

103. Are There Aliens Out There?

104. Why Don’t Christians Pray Five Times a Day While Muslims Do?

105. These Should Never Get Boring?

106. Radicalism

107. Righteousness Beyond the Expectations of the Society

108. Historically Specific vs. Universalist Understanding of the Quran

109. Offering Ourselves to God

110. Why the Quran Often Seems Unclear to Many?

111. How to Use the Bible Today?

112. The Stages of Soul Growth

113. Their god of the gaps

114. Astrology

115. What After Democracy?

116. Cooperate in Righteousness But Not in Sin

117. The Funeral Contact Prayer

118. God Chooses

119. Lessening and Shortening the Contact Prayers in Civilized Spaces

120. Dating

121. Dowry

122. Where can we find all the details of the Contact Prayers (Salat) in the Quran?

123. Living Together with Non-Submitters